We don't do small business websites

We should also say what we don't do. We don't produce websites for small business or sales campaigns.

We've got nothing against small business (we are one ourselves), it's just something we prefer not to do.

We also don't produce simple, template-driven, low-cost sales websites. If you are wanting one of these types of websites you are probably better off looking elsewhere.

We don't chase commercial work because it's not where we want to specialise.

We are not empire builders. We don't aim to be all things to all clients, just to make sales or complete websites as quick as possible in order to maximise profits.

Small, specialised and focussed on quality

Instead, we are a small, boutique web development agency that specialises in producing highly usable websites for non-profit and government organisations and wish to stay that way. That means having a manageable stable of clients that we can deliver quality service to over the long term.

So if you think we might be a good fit for your organisation then please contact us.

Last updated: 24 February 2017