Campaign Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to our online campaigns service.

1. Applicants who complete an online campaign order form at: and agree to these terms and conditions agree to the prices stated in the order form.

2. An invoice will be issued to the applicant for 100% of the campaign set-up fee upon an order being received.

3. The first monthly invoice for hosting and support will be issued upon the campaign website being made available to the client for publishing.

4. The campaign website will only be enabled for public use once the campaign set-up fee and first monthly hosting and support invoices are both paid.

5. In the event of any invoices not being paid within the advertised terms (30 days from date of issue) Social Change Media will remove public access to the campaign website.

6. Upon an overdue invoice being paid, Social Change Media will reinstate public access to the campaign website.

7. All data collected by the campaign website ("campaign data") will be owned by the applicant. The applicant will have full access to all campaign data. 

8. Social Change Media will not pass on any campaign data to any other organisation or use this data in any way. If Social Change Media needs to use any campaign data then they shall seek permission of the applicant before doing so.

9. Social Change Media will address any identified campaign website faults at no extra cost to the applicant. Addressing a campaign website fault means using our best endeavours to correct the fault; it is not a guarantee that the website fault will always be able to be corrected.

10. In the event of an identified campaign website fault not being able to be corrected, Social Change Media will use their best endeavours to implement an alternative solution (a workaround) to the fault.

11. Up to 2 hrs of support will be provided each month. Unused support hours each month shall not accrue.

12. In the event of more than 2 hrs support being required by the client, Social Change Media will provide this support at the rate of $120.00 per hr ex-GST with a minimum charge of $40.00 ex-GST for each support request.

13. Unless the applicant requests customisation of the campaign product, the functionality of the campaign product shall be the standard "out of the box" functionality of the campaign product.

14. No customisation of the campaign product, beyond any selected optional extra, is included in the prices advertised in the campaign order form. 

15. Social Change Media shall not be liable for any interruptions to the hosting of the campaign website or any publishing issues related to the campaign website.

16. Social Change Media to review monthly hosting and maintenance charges and change these at any time. We will only increase these charges if either our internal costs increase or as a result of significant annual CPI increases.

17. Upon a campaign being closed by an applicant, Social Change Media shall handover all campaign data to the applicant, close down the campaign website and delete all campaign data from their servers.


Last updated: 11 November 2015