Website evaluation

A professional website evaluation is the best way to make the case for redeveloping your website. It will also help you identify the areas where your website needs to improve.

Website evaluation makes the case for redevelopment

Redeveloping an organisation's website is neither easy nor inexpensive. A website redevelopment project will require valuable staff time and money. So not surprisingly, a case usually needs to be successfully made before management will approve these projects.

A key part of such a case will be proving the need for website redevelopment. This argument can only be made by evaluating your current website and determining any shortcomings the website has. 

You can try to do this yourself if you are the person inside the organisation advocating website redevelopment. But it's likely you are not going to do as good a job on this as a consultant with expertise in evaluating websites. Plus, an independent evaluation by an expert will carry more weight than an internal staff member who management may view as having a vested interest and biased towards a redevelopment project.

Professional website evaluation provides the best case for redeveloping your organisation's website.


When conducting a website evaluation we use the following process to evaluate your website.

1. Content quality

  • Credibility: does the site's content present as an authoritative source?
  • Objectivity: is the content unbiased?
  • Usefulness: does the site provide content that is useful to the intended audience?
  • Currency: is the content up to date?
  • Readability: is the content easy to read and error free?

2. Usability

  • Navigation: is the site navigation easy to understand?
  • Findability: is it easy to find what users would be looking for or are there pain points?
  • Focus: does the site promote the most important content and make it easy for users to quickly find?
  • Design: is the site attractively designed?

3. Performance

  • Speed: do the site's pages load quickly?
  • Responsiveness: can the site be easily viewed on a variety of mobile devices?
  • Services: are there interactive services to enhance the user experience?
  • Search engine optimisation: is the site search engine friendly?
  • Content management system: is the site easy to manage or are there efficiency gains to be made?


Our website evaluation service includes the following deliverables:

  • Initial client consultation
  • Evaluation of your website
  • Findings report with recommendations for site improvements


Our standard cost for a website evaluation is $2,400.00 ex-GST.

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Last updated: 21 October 2022