Our online campaign solutions are priced to provide value for money.

Pricing per campaign ($ AU ex-GST)
Hosting & maintenance (per month)$150$200$300
Support (per month)Up to 1 hrUp to 1 hrUp to 1 hr
Number of contactsLess than 2,500 contacts2,500 to 24,999 contacts25,000 to 74,999 contacts
Optional extras
ServiceCost (ex-GST)
Custom homepage layout$3,800
Custom responsive design$1,800
Custom sub-page layout$1,600
Custom e-Newsletter template$1,400
Custom campaign action form layout$1,000
CC your MP (per list)$600 plus $25 per month
Extra content area$400
75,000+ contactsContact us

You can either order your campaign or contact us if you would like to discuss your campaign needs.

Last updated: 22 June 2020