Search Engine Optimisation

Social Change Media offers a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service to improve your website's search engine performance.

Why you need SEO

Organic search delivers most traffic

Several studies (such as Brightedge's report) have shown that organic search (search results that aren't ads and users clicked on) delivers the majority of traffic to websites. Of this traffic, over 91% comes from the first page of search results on Google. Other major websites would have a similar result.

Therefore, if you want to increase your website traffic, then you should try to do everything you can to maximise your organic search performance.

SEO maximises organic search performance

As we have explained in our blog, there is no magic bullet for SEO and no guarantee that SEO will deliver you first page ranking on major search engines.

But a professional and legitimate (or "white hat") search engine optimisation service will maximise your organic search performance.

Social Change Media provides a professional, white-hat SEO service for clients that want to get the most out of their website.

We don't believe in monthly retainers

Some agencies will charge clients a monthly retainer to administer SEO services such as content publishing, promotion, backlink-building and keyword research. We don't believe this is necessary. Everything you need to do from a content publishing and backlink building perspective for SEO you can do yourself, once we have taught you. 


Our SEO service includes the following deliverables.

Technical review
  • Google indexing.
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines compliance.
  • Government standards compliance (where appropriate)
  • Site speed check.
  • Server response check.
  • Broken links check.
  • Appropriate use of title tags.
  • Appropriate use of meta tags.
  • Appropriate use of heading levels.
  • Use of SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Use of breadcrumb navigation.
  • Use of HTML and XML sitemaps.
  • Appropriate use of links.
  • Crawler management.
  • Spam protection measures.
  • Responsive design.
  • Analytics integration.
On-page review
  • Content quality, relevance, freshness and length.
  • Content marketing
  • Target search phrase use.
  • Readability of text.
  • Scannability of content.
  • Correctness of spelling and grammar.
  • Use of images and captions.
  • Location.
  • Social media links.
  • Use of comments.
Off-page review
  • Quantity and quality of inbound links.
  • Social media integration.
  • Review sites performance.
  • Comprehensive report listing detailed results against every SEO metric.
  • Identified issues that are affecting search engine performance.
  • Costed recommendations on how to fix identified issues.
  • Implementation of recommendations.
  • Fixed price given wherever possible.
  • Variable costs timeboxed.


Our standard cost for an SEO review is $1,600.00 ex-GST.

Recent work

We have recently completed SEO reviews for the following websites:

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Last updated: 21 September 2016