Website competitor analysis

Social Change Media provides a comprehensive website competitor analysis service so you can identify, match and better the best websites in your field.

Understanding what makes a leading website

Leading websites in their field are not necessarily those that you think may look good, but are built with the following attributes:

  • Best practice web usability
  • Good information architecture
  • Attractive design
  • Useful web services
  • Genuinely valuable and well-written content

You can learn more about these attributes in this blog article.

Competitor analysis identifies who your (best) competitors are, and the attributes that make them the leaders in their field so that you can match or better them.

If you want a professional and independent assessment of your leading website competitors and an understanding what makes them the best, then you need to employ an expert who has a comprehensive understanding of these attributes and the experience in assessing them across a range of sites.

Social Change Media principal consultant Mark McGrath has extensive experience in evaluating websites and recommending solutions for clients.


When conducting a web competitor analysis we adopt the following process:

1. Define your competitive field.

2. Identify your competitors.

3. Assess your competitors on best practice guidelines.

4. Select your best competition.

5. Identify the attributes that make them the best in their field.

6. Make recommendations for you to match or better the competition.


Our web competitor analysis includes the following deliverables:

  • Initial client consultation
  • Research and analysis of competitor websites
  • Reporting and recommendations


Our standard cost for a web competitor analysis is $3,600.00 ex-GST.

This cost can be reduced with a restricted range of research and analysis.

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Last updated: 9 March 2020