The following features are standard in our online campaigns product.

Features Example
Content management  
✔ Add, edit and delete as many content areas* and pages as you want View
✔ Standard campaign news content area View
✔ Standard campaign contact form View
✔ Publish images to any page View
✔ Publish videos to any page View
✔ Bulk publishing and unpublishing of multiple pages View
✔ Searchable lists of pages by title, content type and status View
Action forms  
✔ Publish and customise Email Protest action form from template library View
✔ Publish and customise Petition action form from template library View
✔ Publish and customise Donate action form from template library View
✔ Turn any action form into a template for future use View
✔ Create flexible (custom) action forms View
✔ Include any combination of form fields and tokens (variables) View
✔ Set target and threshold values for display of campaign progress bar View
✔ Link action forms to related campaigns (for multiple campaign websites) View
✔ Manage and display email and social media sharing buttons View
✔ Embed action forms in other websites via copy and paste widget codes View
✔ Option to include newsletter subscription on action forms View
✔ Manage and display recent supporters block as social proof of support View
✔ Auto-segmentation: automatically tag supporters submitting action forms View
✔ Publish and edit introductory text to action forms View
✔ Create multi-page action forms View
✔ Configure email notifications to campaign targets and supporters View
✔ Publish and edit response page text and images View
✔ Control the menu name and location of action forms View
✔ Set either custom or automatic URLs View
Supporter management  
✔ Add, edit or delete supporters View

✔ Capture the following details from supporters:

- First name

- Middle name

- Last name

- Gender

- Salutation

- Title

- Email address

- Email address label (eg Work, Home)

- Primary email address (On/Off)

- Hold email (On/Off)

- Bulk email (On/Off)

- Direct mail newsletter subscription (On/Off)

-Date of birth

- Telephone number

- Address (Street address, City, State, Postcode, Country)

- Preferred language

- Subscriptions

- Social network links

- Tags

✔ Add multiple email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses View
✔ Bulk edit supporters View
✔ Revision tracking of supporter records View
✔ Link supporters to Drupal CMS user accounts View
✔ Add, edit or delete supporter tags View
✔ Control display of supporter tags View
✔ Send bulk emails to supporters View
✔ Segment supporters by tags and send bulk email to selected segments View
✔ Use tokens (variables) in bulk emails to supporters View
Media gallery  
✔ Browse media files by name, type, upload date and use count View
Structure and appearance  
✔ Add, edit and delete website menu items View
✔ Manage tags and categories to classify supporters and content  View
✔ Edit content blocks that appear in your website View

* Subject to extra costs.

Last updated: 9 November 2015